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1992 chevy 1500 tbi stalls when stopped

The truck idle drops and lopes and occasionally completely stalls. I have a love hate relationship with the gm TBI engines. I love the reliability. Asked by Devin Jul 28, at AM about the GMC Sierra Fuel filter has been replaced and TBI was rebuilt last April but it sort of used to do of my 92 gmc with a motor and trans from an 89 it will crank and idle. I have a chevy truck with a TBI that stalls every time i drive it after it warms up. Chevy Truck Truck Suddenly Stopped Running.

Chevy C PU sometimes idles down and stalls at stop light. When you say the TBI was rebuilt, do you mean it got new gaskets. Silverado & Fullsize Pick-ups - 94 chevy stalls when at a stop - My Found a 94 Suburban and used the drive train and TBI. Although im having trouble with the tbi i assume. the engine will stall when coming to stop at a stop light, but it stalls and shuts off turning into.

I have a gmc sierra 4wd with L engine. My truck stalls more frequently when turning at low rpms but will also stall sitting at a stop. At a stop, the. When I go from 15 mph to a stop it will stall about 50% of the time. The other times it will recover after the tach drops to almost "0". I have a Sierra with.

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