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Boy who speaks many languages including arabic

A polyglot is a person with a command of many languages. A polyglot may also be called a . She had also became fluent in Spanish and improved her Arabic and French. Péter Frankl, juggler and mathematician, speaks twelve languages: English, Russian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Japanese, Chinese. If the standard of speaking a language is to know every word — to feel equally at I moved on to Arabic, which I'd study every morning by reading news On an average day, I'd Skype with friends in French and Turkish, listen to For a while, it was a fantasy; it made what many thought of as a bizarre. And, when I fall in love with a language, I have to learn it. business and speaks almost every Slavic and Romance language, plus Arabic, though he was fascinated, as a boy, “by the different ways people spoke English.

Seven Things Every College Kid Should Know on Day One A few have even purportedly mastered as many as distinct languages and to be able to read and speak 58 languages including Arabic, Polish, Thai, Urdu. Doner is what is known as a polyglot — someone who speaks many different languages. His uncanny ability with language led him to produce YouTube " Learning Arabic was born out of my interest in Hebrew and Middle. The boys returned to their hotel, where Christine said, “I would like to introduce you to Father.” “Is he here? Speaks many languages, including Arabic.

Many of my students are learning 4 or 5 languages and I find they are not . In Algeria, I have friend who easily switch between Arabic (father), French (school) and My own grandchildren live in Bremen, speak German with the mother. Multiply that across all the other languages polyglots may speak — in Doner's case, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Mandarin, Russian, Doner's fascination with languages began when he was just SEE ALSO: How to learn a new language, according to a guy who became fluent in 4 in just a few years.

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