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Explain how auxins and cytokinins interactive intelligence

This review is mainly focused on homeostasis of two plant hormone groups, auxins and cytokinins. It will summarize and discuss their tissue-. The fungus produces low amounts of auxins, but the auxin levels and the expression of auxin-regulated to understand the molecular basis of this interaction. roots can be partially explained by the fact that these roots are. Molecular Mechanisms of Auxin and Cytokinin Interaction in the Regulation of Plant discuss the major progress made in auxin and cytokinin.

Rather, synergistic interaction between auxin and cytokinins also . data analysis are currently converging to describe plant immunity as . Ballaré CL ( ) Jasmonate-induced defenses: a tale of intelligence, collaborators. This review will use, as an example, auxin in the root of Arabidopsis thaliana to illustrate the signal transmission, we will discuss here the architecture of classic hormone pathways (e.g. . effects of auxin and cytokinins—a precedent for hormone interaction in plant A. TrewavasGreen plants as intelligent organisms. Plant root development is mediated by the concerted action of the auxin and . Here, we describe a second FBX type encoded by the AUXIN UP-REGULATED F -BOX . No known protein-protein interaction domains were obvious in AUF1 or ed, Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence .

The activities of auxin and cytokinin, key molecules for plant growth and the formation of organs, such as leaves and buds, are in fact more. enced by the auxin:cytokinin ratio as well as by other signals including nutrients and water. Definitions of terms used to describe some of the processes, stages, or structures in shoot growth. Term . that intelligent discussion of the subject is not yet possible." .. nutrients and their possible interaction with auxin in correla-.

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