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How to annotate a text powerpoint

How to Annotate a Text. Good Reading Background. Most reading is skimmed. When you need to learn, reading requires close attention. Good reading is hard. Annotating Texts. How To Take Notes in Your Book. Adaptation by Sharon Fulmer, Tiffany Holmes, & Laura Hayes. The Academy of Irving, Texas, You just. Start Powerpoint slide show; Rt. click with the mouse. Choose Use a mouse, track pad, or other pointing device to annotate slide. ITE

Read with purpose & focus • Connect & engage with text • Help develop meaning & understanding • Prepare for discussion; 4. How to Annotate. Strategy Demonstration for EDU at the University of New England. When annotating, we are READING, THINKING, and WRITING at the same time. For example, when we read our assigned novels and texts, when we conduct.

Text Annotation. A Close Reading Strategy for Better Comprehension. Text Annotation by Teachers. What is Text Annotation? While reading, students mark the. By Faithe Wempen. As you're giving a PowerPoint presentation, you may want to make some notes on the slides, such as circling a word, underlining a phrase. PowerPoint to show students on how to annotate a text. How to Annotate and Highlight Text (Close Reading Strategies- Concept. High School.

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