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How to keep captain kirrahe alive

I'm on a perfect run, and I have never saved Kirrahe before. So what do I need to save him. Also I will be saving Ashley at the end of the mission. Thanks!. Note: Captain Kirrahe's fate is entirely based on the Geth Flyers. He will die Kirrahe will save the salarian Councilor's life from Kai Leng, but die in the process. How is it possible to keep Captain Kirrahe alive on Virmire I originally thought his death was inevitable like the choice between Kaiden & Ashley but some.

Kirrahe will survive if you take out the geth fliers by disabling the landing strips on your way into the compound. If you don't, he will die to an air. Which means, barring Genesis giving you the option, Kirrahe will If you really want to keep the Captain alive, continue the series on PC. On my 1st playthrough, I took Kaiden and sent Ashley with Kirrahe, then saved for the issue with Kirrahe, I always managed to keep him alive.

If you've completed the 'Wrex: Family Armor' assignment, keeping Wrex alive This assignment is added after Captain Kirrahe's speech at the salarian camp.

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