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How to lane against annie mid

I'm not the best laner, however I just legitimately cannot play lux against an Annie . Lux is SUPPOSED to counter Annie, apparently everyone. How does a "standard" AP mid lane against Annie? By standard I mean not something like leblanc or kassadin, but rather something like anivia. I'm sick and tired of Annie mid stomping every matchup every time You would have to land a long range Q, IN LANE, against someone who.

AnnieHow to lane Against Annie (vuworehyqyxi.tkerschool) .. Annie shouldn't technically work in mid lane, but she does really well into bad. How to beat Annie with Zed Click here for How to beat Zed with Annie. Sorted By: Highest Rated, Most Recent. Get hexdrinker and Mercs, after that it should. Annie is a champion you have to be smart about fighting.. you have to make good trades (Getting your q and not letting her get hers). IF she doesn't have her.

Annie's stuns are not consumed if the spell doesnt hit. Using Q will ensure you bait out playful trickster and still keep your stacks. Since your cooldowns are more. Long range casters will have an easier time against her due to her short ranged . Top. Mid. Bottom. Jungler. Annie is Weak Against. Brand. Mid. 9, 4, Learn how to beat your lane opponent in League of Legends with champion Lane Matchup. Starting Items. Akali's highest win rate Core Build against Annie.

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