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How to say amygdala bloodborne

I pronounce it Amy-dolla. Just like the game does. Where's the third option for ' neither'?. Your word play will not trick me, villain! ~Samurai Jack. For Bloodborne on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Pronounce Amygdala". (vuworehyqyxi.tkorne) Then again, I've also been saying Chick-age so pronunciation isn't my strong The name I'm curious about is Amygdala.

Amygdala - Bloodborne Lesser Amygdala, the non-boss version can be found across Cathedral Ward and Yahar'Gul, Unseen Village. .. I won't say it's a badass like Artorias, Midir, and Gael with higher reward factoring. Amygdala is a boss that appears in Bloodborne. .. no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers. The boss in bloodborne . @SunlightBlade Apparently the boss Amygdala is a pun meaning peanut in . @SunlightBlade I pronounce it Ah-mig-day-la.

Because she's so large, players can't actually get a full view of the Bloodborne boss without getting smashed to pieces. And trust us when we say Amygdala is. Lore. Amygdala is a Great One Boss in Bloodborne, and is found in the Nightmare Frontier. It's similar to the large enemies who attempt to grab the Hunter with.

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