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How to winterize my boat motor

By Tom Burden, Last updated: 11/2/ Engine Winterizing Kit plumbed to flushing adapter on outboard lower unit. Do it Yourself ' outboard engine winterizing with pictures to help you. winterizing outboard motor with Boat on the Trailer. You do not need to take the spark plugs . For older outboard motors, get a pair of boat engine “ear muffs” and attach them to the water . How can I winterize my Mercury Cruiser engine with antifreeze?.

How to Winterize an Outboard Motor - Winterizing an outboard motor will help protect it during the winter and prolong its. Learn how to properly winterize an. winter beds. Follow these easy tips to winterize your boat and it will be ready and eager to go in the spring. Aerosol fogging solutions coat the inside of the engine to protect it until spring. Off My Dock is a killer column. Winterizing Your Boat Engine. By Don Casey. Snowman in boat . and reinstall it . My preference is to leave it out until spring so the vanes don't take a set.

Winterizing Your Outboard | Stay-in tune with boating how-to's, gear and it's time to prepare your outboard engine(s) for its “long winter's nap. See how to winterize a boat and save $ Our instructions include an oil change, draining the engine block, lubing the lower unit and more.

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