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Sifl and olly whatever

"United States of Whatever" is a song by American musician Liam Lynch. The song was The song debuted on a episode of The Sifl and Olly Show, where it is shown being performed by Olly, a character on the show voiced by Lynch. The Sifl and Olly Show is a comedy TV series that incorporates sock puppets, animation, and . Olly originally performs "United States of Whatever," one of the most successful songs from Lynch's Fake Songs CD. The song was performed in . Whatever This song is by Sifl And Olly. I went down to the beach and saw Kiki, She was all like, eeh, And I'm like, WHATEVAH! And then this chick comes.

After his surprise hit, United States of Whatever, Liam Lynch Earlier this year, MTV made the two-season run of the Sifl & Olly Show available.

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