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What happens in flight plan movie

Ending / spoiler for Flightplan (), plus mistakes, quotes, trivia and more. Flightplan is a psychological thriller mystery film directed by Robert Schwentke, written by . with "the emotion and drive of the music", and the instruments were picked to match the "feelings of panic" Kyle goes on through the film. Flightplan () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more In this movie appears Christian Berkel who will later play the role of Fritz Shimon Haber in.

Jodie Foster and Marlene Lawston in Flightplan () Erika Christensen and Assaf .. Even though 99% of the movie takes place on board an airplane, the film. Flightplan is a taut thriller that successfully exploits the paranoia created by 9/11 but Jodie Foster (“Queen of the Anxious Look”), Flightplan explores what happens to a A film that should have had the substance of a Silence of the Lambs is. Flightplan is a suspense thriller starring Jodie Foster as Kyle, a woman The movie doesn't even attempt to explain why all the passengers.

By asking this question and not cheating on the answer, "Flightplan" by the fact that most of his movie takes place on an airplane in mid-air. In this claustrophobic thriller, anxious widow Jodie Foster awakes aboard a huge passenger jet to find that either her mind or her little girl is missing. Flightplan. Sky Marshall Carson (Peter Sarsgaard), flight attendant Stephanie ( Kate Beahan) and the German Mortuary Director (Christian Berkel) are. "Flightplan" has a tense and intriguing start and slowly dissolves into a . When you learn what exactly is going on is when the movie really starts to fall apart.

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