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What is hot shoeing a horse

Hot Shoeing vs Cold Shoeing. I can remember being very nervous the first time I fit a hot shoe to a live horse. The combination of hot metal. In some cases it's best to fit a horse with shoes fresh off a forge. "Hot shoeing," also called "hot setting" or "hot fitting," is a common practice. A reader asks: How do I ease my horse's fear of hot-shoeing?.

The old-timers go misty eyed when they recall the sight and the smell of the local blacksmith fitting hot shoes to the horses, and I for one still. Q: I need some advice with a shoeing problem. I hot shoe all my horses, as I have found this cuts down heaps on lost shoes. I have one horse, however, that. My Appy has great feet. Twice in his life, he has contracted White Line Disease. Both times he was treated, and shoes with pads added.

Hot shoeing is the application of heat to the shoe then pressing the hot shoe onto the hoof wall of the horse. Hot shoeing involves heating the shoe until it is very. However, you can also hear some horror stories of hot shoeing gone bad If your horse has good feet and doesn't throw shoes earily and.

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