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Where to hide car keys when surfing

It was around a.m. on a Saturday morning when I was asked to help a frantic surfer whose car had just been stolen. Wet, cold, and. I'm dealing with a problem where I have an electronic car key in my current car. Can't take it into the water, and also it's keyless entry. Learn how to stash your car keys, and enjoy your surfing. Keeping your car in good shape, showing an alarm sticker, hiding valuable objects, parking in safe.

What I learned from an encounter with a car thief. Or more precisely, he was breaking into surfer's cars. Hiding Your Key On Your Vehicle. SE dot com's very own Tom Higson is either hiding his key in a shit place, or flirting with you, or both. Photo: Laurel. How To: Stash Your Car Key Whilst Surfing. Surfing Waves Forum - Surf chat, information and discussion - New to surfing get a non-electronik key, put all the valuables in the car and stash the key in lock for your car, or hiding it somewhere/ leaving it with someone.

Did you ever wonder what surfers do with their keys while they're surfing? Here are 3 great ways to avoid ruining your next session. what is the most secure lock for storing your car keys in whilst surfing. . I just lock van, hide key (aint saying where) and have a good quality. What I like to do is keep a copy of my cars's valet key around my neck. This is the one that doesn't What's a good key vault system that can be attached to the car while gone surfing? Views Don't hide them on your axle. EVERYONE.

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