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Who is the real dr house

Like the cranky character played by actor Hugh Laurie on the Fox TV series House, Bolte is a master of the differential diagnosis—identifying. Originally Answered: Are there any talented, real diagnostician-type doctors like the fictional Dr. House? Yes, every University Medical Center has many brilliant. Dr. Lisa Sanders, technical adviser to 'House' and author of 'Every Patient Tells a Story,' talks to TIME about diagnosing the toughest cases.

Is Hugh Laurie's character on House based on a real person?. Gregory House, M.D. (born ) is the title character of the American medical drama series .. House does not have much of a social life, and his only real friend is Dr. .. "House, Hugh Laurie | Paging Dr. Feelgood: 30 Great TV Doctors and. TV's Dr. House helps solve a real medical mystery House, which starred British actor Hugh Laurie, went off the air in May after eight.

With a name like “Dr. House,” Jeffrey G. House, D.O., is always subject to ribbing about Dr. Gregory House, the irreverent physician with a. Isn't everybody's favourite character Dr House? Because Hugh Laurie is such a gifted actor you can look into his eyes and see that even. Doctor Juergen Schaefer who diagnosed a patient after seeing an episode of the hit US TV medical drama "House" starring actor Hugh Laurie. Are there hospitals in real-life with a dept. that solves difficult cases or cases that other doctors can't?.

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