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What is breaking the base hair color

Get expert hair coloring tips for how to break the base when you are blending the roots of the hair that are left after a highlight. The result is healthier hair since there's little to no overlapping of lightener For a base break, you should use a permanent lift color 1 to 1 ½. If you aren't sure about what a base break does, or what it is, here is more information regarding breaking the base, or a base break hair color in Dallas.

Another time to consider a base break is a few weeks after color, when your roots become visible. Base breaking can extend your hair color. It's hard to be a lazy girl in a hair-dye-obsessed world for one main reason: the never-ending resurgence of roots. Hair color is a commitment. Fortunately, we have a quick solution to help clients with regrowth. If your hair color is between light brown and dark blonde, “breaking the.

Jul 22, How-To: Break the Base - A Base Break is a service used to subtly lighten a clients' natural base before a Highlight or Balayage service. In this episode we'll demonstrate how you can. When I was just out of hair school 6 yrs ago I worked as an asistant in a very busy salon and I remember quite often using a color bottle at the.

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