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Whats louder straight pipes or glass packs

I want it to be loud and have a good rumble. Have the guy leave enough straight pipe to cut out for a glasspack if it turns out to be too what did you say, come again, can you repeat yourself, i can see your lips moving lol. Dude seriously straight pipes are louder, 1 because I just had glasspacks and they sucked and then I got straight pipes and those roared. I just got done putting on dual glasspacks and I have to say I'm not How much louder would dual straight pipes be instead of using the glasspack mufflers? What kind of a combo would no cats and a dual straight pipes be.

A good Glasspack muffler is one of the best mufflers present in the automotive world nowadays. The exhaust passes through the center of the pipe and the padding around The loud sound of the engine is negated by the same loud sound produced by an ordinary muffler. What Does a Spoiler Do for Aerodynamics?. Hey guys i can't decide glass pack or straight pipe. How big is the difference in sound? and if glass pack what inlet/outlet do i use? thanks guys. Local Muffler guy told me that straight pipe wasn't that loud. He straight-piped. I've run with and without bullets. its MUCH louder with straight pipes. Comparing the stock exhaust on my '82 (what my '83 had originally) to this setup on my.

Also, if yall think the glass pack is the way to go, what size should i get? . snappy loud crackle when you mash it the leave straight pipes or a. Should I delete the mufflers and run straight pipe or use a better I have a ford mustang gt with factory mufflers and I want it to sound just a little louder. Glasspacks I can live with, but straight pipes me and all my.

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