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How to treat ich betta

A guide to diagnosing and treating Ich (Ick) in betta fish. Do you think your betta fish may have Ich? Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment and prevention of ich; a common freshwater aquarium disease. Ick / Ich / White Spot: what is it, what are its symptoms, and how can you treat your betta if you think it has it? We explain all in this guide.

These are the wonderful aquarium fish Betta splendens, or the Siamese Fighting You can also treat ich by raising the temperature of your tank if your tank is. Ich | Betta Fish Care for Fighting Fish Enthusiasts. see the “granules” attached to your fish. The parasites are not susceptible to treatment during this phase. Ich is a very common diseases to appear in fish. Ich can be a problem that seemingly springs up out of nowhere, and at first may be hard to.

The first step is correcting the conditions which caused the ich. Ich is easy to treat but if the betta is kept in the same conditions it will just keep reappearing. Pet Central educates you on freshwater Ich, from signs and symptoms to treatment and prevention.

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