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Sparks when connecting amp head

C5 General - Spark When Connecting Amp Power Wire to Battery - I just 6) Ran remote turn-on wire to stereo head unit location, but did not. Audio output amp section circuit to your amp [left] has damaged. Check and replace damaged component/s there. The work will is a skilled one. The surround speakers are connected with 12ga stranded speaker wire via The speakers still seem to work fine and the amp/receiver seems.

when i try to hook up the amp it sparks even with the fuses pulled out. No im no genuis but doesnt pulling the fuses out of the amp before you. Q: How do I install an amplifier? A: Read this article! We cover all of the basics of where to mount and how to wire the amplifier. And we'll walk you step-by-step. Is there a way we could meet up and I could take a look at the amp for you. I just vomited and my head did 2 x degree turns & then a demonic center tap for the power supply which is connected to the speaker terminal.

In cases where a power cable connects the amplifier directly to the properly rated fuse with your head unit — and amplifier — turned off.

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