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Gustakh dil episode 107 chow

(7): – doi/S(01) .. Savdhaan India [3] multiple Hindi Life OK Separate episodics Gustakh Dil[1] Anjali Hindi . [ 2] His television debut was made in with the episode TV series .. Cheung, Chingmy Yau, Charlie Yeung, Billy Chow, Kelvin Wong and Valerie Chow. NR / Comedy / mins Emilio Solfrizzi, Pasquale Petrolo .. English Subtitles Chow Cho lives on bounties. He has .. TO MAURITIUS / VERS MAURICE. TITLE. EPISODE. TITLE. Modern Family Mumkin Nahin Gustakh Dil Dhoka Dhoka. absolved absorb .. دلکش dil kaSH / فرحت افزا farHat afza / قابل تعریف qaabil e ta^riif n. .. pan / چوکسی chau kasi / چستی chusti / پھرتی phurti n. بے باک bey baak / گستاخ gustaaKH / جسور jasuur episode.

() G. par. () G. par. 7. often. hadshah, s. m. king. chuhal, s. f. merriment. gustakh, adj. presump- tuous, rude. gd, TcaVa, s. m. a fort. nikalwd, v. a. expel. dar, s. m. fear. do kos-i, of two kos. chau kos-i, of four kos. f c» W- Sij U^^ifi ^ ^ ^ VmiiiQAC/ 43IA dill»

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